This is what professionals say about the product

- excellent for large game and for those who want to sell large game as well.

“Jørund Lien I Jakt”, no 10/2005”

- We thought we had good insight and knew all about tenderizing since we have people on the team who have been hunting moose for 45 years. But we will definitely buy a Gameguard. That will be a good investment.

“Big game hunter Rune Sørholt in an interview with “Verdalingen”, November 26, 2005”

- This Norwegian-developed Game Guard is quite simply a stroke of genius!

“Vi Menn”, no 34/2005” 

- Using this instrument, you can assure that the game is hung sufficiently.

“Svensk Jakt”, no 9/2005”

- Far too many hunting teams neglect the importance of tenderizing (….)

But with Game Guard, your Sunday steak will definitely be easier to chew.

“Jaktmarker & Fiskevatten”, no 12/2005”

Article in Gemini

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